Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Garlic Fries!

    As a holdover from the time my husband and I spent in California, I have developed a fondness of, bordering on obsession with, GARLIC FRIES.  They're all the rage in California but coming back home to Texas I thought I'd have to settle for my own.  By the way, very easy.  Make fries, toss in minced garlic from HEB, add little parsley, little parmesan and consume until your husband will no longer sleep in the same room with you.  Another bonus, besides the deliciousness, is I've yet to see a Vampire.

    But lets say you happen to be in Gruene, TX.  The go-to place for garlicky deliciousness has to be Mozie's Bar and Grill.  I always order the two sliders and a side of garlic fries.  It is divine.  Also, your breath afterwords keeps away all of the frisky older Hall Dancers.  The sliders are covered in cheese.  And the buns are sweet and buttery.  I am almost in physical pain describing this to you because I still have 35 days of Veganism ahead of me.  So to all of you lucky carnivores out there,  do yourself a favor and visit their Facebook page to check out pictures of their menu items.

    Also my bad on the no pictures.  I think if I even get anywhere near those sliders right now I will disappoint myself and Jesus.

   *Note the author has no affiliation with Mozie's Bar and Grill, but if it was possible to buy stock in their company she completely would.

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