Monday, April 29, 2013

Here's The Key

     A few weeks ago I lost the spare key to my house.  On one of my frequent trips to Cafe Comal downtown (YUM YUM!),  I noticed Henne Hardware.  It's website says its been in operation for 150 years!  Wow!  I have always been a sucker for great, old buildings and I thought well I'll just pop in here and get a key made.

     First off,  just do yourself a favor and go inside this place.  It's like stepping back in time.  The people are friendly (it's NB of course they are), the service is top notch and when you leave you just want to go find a soda fountain somewhere.  I LOVE IT!

     The ceiling is gorgeous and they still have the wire pulley you attach a ticket to, and then send it flying through the air to the front of the store.  So cool!  I was going to take a picture with my iPhone but the irony overwhelmed me :).

     Any-who,  back to the real reason I went in get a copy of my house key.  I walk to the back to pick out a new key to be made.  I settled on my favorite design and then.... know how you have those random keys on your keychain that could be the key to anything from your first apartment, all the way back to the shed behind your grandfather's house?  Isn't it strange how suddenly all those key can look exactly alike?

     So I crossed my fingers,  took a gamble and made the copy.  

    And now I have this.  This is not the key to my house.  I have no idea what this key is to.  And now I have two of them.

     Henne Hardware,  I'll see you again soon.

*Note:  The author is not affiliated with Henne Hardware and will not appreciate any of the Aggie Jokes you may be inclined to make.  Gig 'Em :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Landa Park

Here's a Map!
    If you haven't been - GO!  Here is a link with some information about Comal Springs and Landa Park

      The weather is starting to get slightly less erratic and park season approaches.  I know some of us locals start to get traffic grouchy, but can you blame people for coming to New Braunfels to visit?  The Rivers, Gruene, Downtown the giant water park you guys may have heard of (I think it starts with an S..)

     I took my little family out to Landa Park in December (when it was still warm, Ha!) and we stomped around some of the trails and even went a ways into Panther Canyon.  What an amazing resource the park is for our community.  Kids were everywhere and my husband was tickled at an older couple who had squirrels eating out of their hands.  I wanted to wait and watch a bit longer because I'm was pretty sure they were gearing up for a song and dance number but Dexter was excited about the little tree rodents for a much more sinister reason and we moved along. (Nuts!)

"I'm pretty sure I can swim."
    I haven't been out yet in the new year, but we're planning a "Park Sunday" this week.  Church, a fun (FREE) Sunday date and then home to watch a Zombie Apocalypse.  Sounds like my kind of weekend.  

*Note:  The author has no affiliation with Landa Park but she would gladly donate to any squirrel performance art programs the park was willing to offer.  

**Note(2):  The author did allude to the fact that she and her husband are avid watchers of a certain AMC program involving the undead but she will not elaborate until said Network sends her a check for an endorsement.

***Note(3):  The author's dog is not a danger to any of the Landa Park squirrels, as he eats $75 dog food and couldn't catch a squirrel with jet pack.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


    I really think the title sums it up.  I am obsessed with cupcakes.  I try them everywhere.  Since going gluten-free finding a good cupcake has been no easy task.  But REJOICE!  I found one :).   The Red Oak Bakery is a super cute little place close to work and I used them for my last open house.  

    This was our spread.  YUM! 

   I didn't even think to mention they were gluten-free to my open housers.  So I guess I was sneaking my lifestyle onto the public.  Oops!
    I took my husband home a sample cupcake and it lasted long enough for me to get in the door.  I did mention to him the dietary benefits.  His response?  "Why did you only bring one"?

     As it were, everyone who tried a cupcake went away with a smile and I incidentally kept my gluten-free secret.

    Huge THANK YOU to The Red Oak Bakery for showing people that gluten-free lifestyles are not as dreary as they're made out to be.  In fact, they may just be the brighter side.  Zip over to their Facebook page to give them a thumbs up and drool over all of their fabulous pictures (scones, cakes, cookies and, did I mention, CUPCAKES!).

*Note the author has no affiliation with The Red Oak Bakery.  She is just a gluten-free geek with discerning tastebuds.  

**Note (2) The author cannot take credit for the gorgeous kitchen, but she does WISH it was hers...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A(not so)cute Bronchitis

Sorry for the days off, friends.  Wednesday I dashed into the doctor with a cough, a tiny fever and a concerned husband.  The verdict?  Acute Bronchitis.  Blah.   
The upside was this has been my second trip to Urgent Care & Occupational Health Centers of Texas and the staff was just as polite and understanding as they were the previous time I visited.  I again graced the New Braunfels office with my coughing, wheezing presence.  
We got to the office, filled out quick paperwork and I was seen within twelve minutes, guys.  That's awesome!  A quick trip to the pharmacist and I was home to lay in bed and watch a Project Runway marathon I DVR'ed.
This is their Facebook page for all interested parties.  I liked them the first time, but if I could like them again I would.

   *Note the author has no affiliation with the afore mentioned facility.  She is just kind of a baby when she gets sick.

 P.S.  I am feeling much better in part due to a very attentive nurse.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Garlic Fries!

    As a holdover from the time my husband and I spent in California, I have developed a fondness of, bordering on obsession with, GARLIC FRIES.  They're all the rage in California but coming back home to Texas I thought I'd have to settle for my own.  By the way, very easy.  Make fries, toss in minced garlic from HEB, add little parsley, little parmesan and consume until your husband will no longer sleep in the same room with you.  Another bonus, besides the deliciousness, is I've yet to see a Vampire.

    But lets say you happen to be in Gruene, TX.  The go-to place for garlicky deliciousness has to be Mozie's Bar and Grill.  I always order the two sliders and a side of garlic fries.  It is divine.  Also, your breath afterwords keeps away all of the frisky older Hall Dancers.  The sliders are covered in cheese.  And the buns are sweet and buttery.  I am almost in physical pain describing this to you because I still have 35 days of Veganism ahead of me.  So to all of you lucky carnivores out there,  do yourself a favor and visit their Facebook page to check out pictures of their menu items.

    Also my bad on the no pictures.  I think if I even get anywhere near those sliders right now I will disappoint myself and Jesus.

   *Note the author has no affiliation with Mozie's Bar and Grill, but if it was possible to buy stock in their company she completely would.

Mozie's Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

Monday, February 25, 2013

Out To Lunch

    Last Friday I had the pleasure of taking my husband out to lunch.  It was technically me taking him out, as he forgot his wallet.  Sneaky.  As you guys know, the vegan/no gluten thing has put a hamper on my eating out lately.  Fortunately, Cravings has gluten free bread!  Hooray!  To celebrate the open mindedness of this cute little restaurant I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on gluten free bread.  

Mr. No-Pockets-No-Wallet, had tortilla soup and a chicken salad sandwich.  I couldn't get him to stop eating for the picture, sorry.

  As always, if you haven't had a chance to see their Facebook page go check them out.  Also feel free to brag about all the non-gluten fare they carry.  I won't resent you.  For long.

Cravings on Urbanspoon*Note the author has no affiliation with Cravings, but she does have an affinity for them.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Ooh La Latte

    Me writing a blog about coffee is like me writing a blog about motocross,  I don't do that.  But I do love me some Chai Lattes.  Currently they are Soy Chai Lattes, but none the less, they are delicious!  This morning's Soy Chai Latte is brought to you by New Braunfels Coffee on the Main Plaza.

    My Chai Latte was very good.  Nice spices and not too sweet.  A lot of places will get a little too sugar happy with their Lattes.  I don't enjoy that.  If I want dessert for breakfast give me a waffle.  Mmmm waffle.....
     I didn't get to try any of their cakes, pies or pastries (see:  Lenten Vegan...) but they do have a Pie Happy Hour.  I'm very ok with a Pie Happy Hour.  So go out and give them a try.   Let me know which are your favorite pies, pastries or cakes so I can go coffee house crazy in  36 days.

   Wait is Carrot Cake Vegan?

New Braunfels Coffee on Urbanspoon

*Note the author has no affiliation with New Braunfels Coffee, but she is a caffeine addict with a sweet tooth.