Friday, February 22, 2013

Ooh La Latte

    Me writing a blog about coffee is like me writing a blog about motocross,  I don't do that.  But I do love me some Chai Lattes.  Currently they are Soy Chai Lattes, but none the less, they are delicious!  This morning's Soy Chai Latte is brought to you by New Braunfels Coffee on the Main Plaza.

    My Chai Latte was very good.  Nice spices and not too sweet.  A lot of places will get a little too sugar happy with their Lattes.  I don't enjoy that.  If I want dessert for breakfast give me a waffle.  Mmmm waffle.....
     I didn't get to try any of their cakes, pies or pastries (see:  Lenten Vegan...) but they do have a Pie Happy Hour.  I'm very ok with a Pie Happy Hour.  So go out and give them a try.   Let me know which are your favorite pies, pastries or cakes so I can go coffee house crazy in  36 days.

   Wait is Carrot Cake Vegan?

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*Note the author has no affiliation with New Braunfels Coffee, but she is a caffeine addict with a sweet tooth.

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